For the last twenty years my professional career evolved in the area of print design. Creating a mood, feeling, look and identity that best describes a client or business captivates me. I am a problem solver by nature, working with color, shape, images, type and symbolism to convey and communicate a message on the subtle - and in some cases - the not so subtle levels. I've always seen design as an alchemical process, transforming and changing, creating something beautiful and functional from very little or nothing. When I enter into the design process with a client, there is a place within where the design just comes, conveying the vision of my client through me. I am continually reminded of the profound nature of the creative process that lives within all of us and feel tremendous gratitude each time I access this part of myself with a clients dream and vision as my guidepost.

Please click on the thumbnails below to review some of the print designs I've created.