For me, creativity is a way of being. From as far back as I remember I’ve needed to express myself from the creative lens. As a small child my first creative exploration was building sculptures out of
mud and clay in my backyard. As I grew; paint, words, found objects, fabric, costume design, dance, theatre and music were my closest companions.

The first fourteen years of my professional career took me into the world of visual merchandising, store display and design. Fortunate to work with a variety of large retailers and specialty boutique stores in San Francisco and the Bay Area, offered a rich and fertile environment for my creative talents to grow and blossom.

For the last twenty years I’ve worked in the arena of graphic and web design, with a focus in the healing arts community, publishing and the arts. I’ve found that my talents thrive in environments where I can work closely with clients and businesses actualizing their respective dreams and aspirations for their business and overall vision. I have a passion for assisting businesses and individuals in finding their unique voice, look and feel, clearly communicating who they are in the world.